San Francisco – China Town – Erhu Player

San Francisco - China Town - Erhu Player MS

An old Chinese man playing his erhu. Surrounded by self-driven Teslas he’s probably wtf is going on here. He didn’t bother to learn the language, what for? To understand racist comments? To learn what Charlie means and be offended by Vietnam veterans? Nah better feel it in a non-verbal way, the racism. Definitely, he does not surf. He is still wishing everyone a good New Chinese Year and collecting a dollar and 20c off the afternoon.

Times change, faster than Washington could predict. He’d probably be disappointed about his USA not allowing him to keep his slaves, exterminate Indians, and other similar activities that granted him street names, a city named after him, an entire state, and his big face sculped into a rocky mountain! C’mon y’all woke peeps tear down that Cristoforo Colombo’s statue so you’ll feel reconciled with your colonial past and can keep tipping your Uber driver for such a smooth ride. Wait a second, where is he/she/it/they?

Your Aurora self-driven driver thanks you for the tip!