Zicatela – Early morning

Zicatela early morning

Early morning sounds from the rooftop in Punta Zicatela. A Great Kiskadee just woke up and enjoys a rare moment of the day when its melodies don’t conflict with the autotune of the reggaeton.

Oh wait, a local drive-by in his 1938 Beatle and its sound system covers the bird. Well at least is not a tun-chatun-chatun-cha kinda shit.

Too early for all of them party peeps that still snore in their king-sized. Soon enough, a familiar headache will welcome them on this new day, a useless reminder that when in Rome Mexico, Tequila and Mezcal are overrated and better going down with the 3×1 happy hour of their rums and vodkas as very likely of sublime quality.