It’s about music. Music and the arts surrounding it.

I’m fascinated by the power of an immersive experience where reality fades to leave space to the bliss of that moment when I stop thinking and can connect to the present.

A place in time, a moment in space.

Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet


Live x Amatori 08.23

Live at :// About Blank 04.12.22

Live at Tree of Life 2019

Live audio/visual set made in Ableton Live and Max/MSP.

Recorded in Berlin July 2014.


AMA001 – Amatori – Die Insel 12″ Vinyl EP

DIE INSEL is the first released project from AMATORI. AMA001 is a various track 12” ep. This 5 people collaboration invites us to a sound trip to an island. Not just land that is surrounded by water, Not just a travel to an unexplored exotic island, DIE INSEL invites to a magical journey to our inner world, a world without history, limits or fears. DIE INSEL explores our inner sound in its purest form, and proposes a way back to our origins: THE TRIBE.


Syn- Re-sources

Re-sources is a concept work I did with friend Stereo in our duo project Syn-.

In this project, we’ve recorded sounds from the four primal elements air, fire, earth and water as a source for producing music.


Serene EP

Serene contains some of my early works in electronic music.