Interactive Sound Installation. Nove Powerplant Italy – 2010

Dopo - Villa Contarini
Dopo at Villa Contarini, Le installazioni Interattive


“Dopo” is an interactive installation based on the concept of casuality. The inspiration comes from the “blanco manifesto” of the spatialism movement. Attention is given to different kinds of gestures as manifestation of pure art. Visitors, handling various kind of handmade sonorous objects, produce noise. Noise would become music.
Gesture is the main actor of the installation and represents a unique process of sound design, which can not be repeated again. “dopo” will continue after the performance is finished, because time passes inexorably but the experience remains in our memory.


Common objects from the past together with handmade instruments are layed on an old table. Sounds of these objects are captured by contact microphones then synthetized and spatialized on 12 loudspeakers setup – like hours on a clock. This clock reminds that time is chaotic, variable and rentless.

Seen at:

Comodamente Festival – Nove’s Powerhouse (Vittorio Veneto) – Italy

Dopo at Comodamente Festival

Le Installazioni Interattive – Villa Contarini (Piazzola sul Brenta) – Italy