America Side A Side B

Interactive Installation. Vicenza Italy – 2011

America Side A
America Side A
America Side B
America Side B

Approach and detachment
the two opposite directions of the same path.
The constant pursuit of the American dream.


Side A

The American dream. The spectator approaches a monitor where an undefined textile texture is shown. Getting closer to the monitor, this texture zooms out and appears to be a $1 banknote. The dollar proves to be such but at the same time walks away – revealing an illusion that you can not grasp.

Side B

The real America. On this side, the screen shows a well defined $100 banknote. The closer the spectator gets, the more the banknote zooms in and gets unclear, becoming texture; in this process of getting closer to the banknote, some American cliché images will flash in; in the last half a meter, when the banknote is not recognizable anymore, the picture reflected on the screen is the spectator, the American dream.

Installation made for Pulsart Festival 2011- Schio (Vicenza) – Italy and awarded as Best Interactive Installation