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Software Environment for surround Audio/Visual performance

I developed this project in 2010 as BA thesis for my studies at Conservatorio C. Pollini in Padua.
By developing various Max For Live devices, a standalone Max/Jitter patch and exploiting the SysEx MIDI protocol of a Yamaha DM1000 mixer, this project allows Audio/Visual surround performances within Ableton Live.
The development started back in 2008 when Live 7 was used to send MIDI notes to the standalone Max patch to trigger video files and effects based on Quicktime and Jitter objects. The role of Ableton Live 7 was mainly as a clock source and all the logic operations were implemented in Max.
With the release of Live 8 and the integration of Max for Live, I then moved all the routeing and MIDI data processing directly inside Live by creating various devices capable of exploiting Drum Racks and Clip Automation as powerful User Interface.

Full description and documentation are available in this PDF (Italian Only).

A recorded stereo mixdown and video output performed during the discussion of my thesis is available here:

This video has been recorded during a live A/V performance.

Track List:

Air – Sexy Boy
Boards Of Canada – Roygbiv
Aphex Twin – Vordhosbn
Massive Attack – False Flags
Air – Playground Love
Ratatat – Tropicana
Fatboy Slim – You’re Not From Brighton
Ratatat – Gettysburg
MGMT – Kids
Ratatat – Drugs
Fatboy Slim – California
Air – La Femme D’Argent

Video Samples:
All the video materials were sampled from the internet except for the faces, the human body and the heart pictures that are by Andrea: